March 06, 2010 Texas Independence Day Trail Ride

Texas Independence Day Trail Ride Fredericksburg to Austin

Texas Independence Day Trail Ride Fredericksburg to Austin

Texas Independence Day Trail Ride Fredericksburg to Austin

Annually Texas celebrates it’s independence.  In Fredericksburg the celebration includes a trail ride which began today and will end next weekend in Austin.  As a newly arrived Texan it is hard for me to call myself one yet but I do feel like this is a time honored tradition for which I feel fortunate to be able to witness.  These riders will travel the 80 or so miles over the next several days stopping each night to camp and remember their heritage.  As they were riding by this morning I could not help but wish I could have been riding with them.

Luckenbach,TX also celebrates the day with the changing of the flag.  Each year on this day they lower the Texas flag that has flown over the little town of Luckenbach.  Reverently they carry the flag to an open fire where the blue, red, white and star of carefully separated and each piece burned.  A new flag is raised for the current year.  Following the event there is music, great food and plenty of Lone Star.  Tonight they will have a dance in the old dance hall that is been maintained and is in excellent condition.  Tomorrow there will be more music and celebration.  Unfortunately the weather outlook is for wet so we will likely miss tomorrow.  While not a regular Willie Nelson, will stop by and sing a song when he is in the area.  Luckenbach reminds me of what the Old West was like so many years ago.  The pictures below will give you a taste of what we experienced.

Luckenbach Texas Ranger

The Texas Rangers of Luckenbach

Descendent of Texas Ranger

Burning of Previous Year Texas Flag

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